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Hazel Juliana Guevara

Hazel Juliana Guevara

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Producer: Hazel Juliana Guevara

Origin: Colombia

Region: La Argentina, Huila, Colombia

Varietal: Chiroso

Importer: Yellow Rooster Coffee Imports

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1900 MASL

Notes: Grapefruit Blossom, Ginger, Lemon-Lime Soda, Cardamom

About this coffee from Yellow Rooster:

Going on four harvests, Yellow Rooster has worked with a buying cooperative in Huila,
Colombia known as Terra Coffee Association that helps to organize and educate coffee
producers in Huila and Nariño in addition to cupping and applying quality control. The
association was founded by Hazel Juliana Guevara and her husband Wbeimar Lasso,
who won first place in Colombia’s first ever national Cup Taster’s competition. Given
that many coffee producers grow coffees on land and with traditions passed down
generations, Juliana is relatively new to coffee growing having worked with coffee
farms for about 15 years.

Despite the fact that she did not get a head start to learn to manage a farm, she has
gained a wealth of knowledge about coffee varieties, growing practices, and
processing in that time. As a testament to what she has accomplished, her farm Finca
La Terraza in La Argentina has become a guide to member producers in Terra Coffee
Association and she has helped develop work with smallholder producers throughout
the region.

With this specific lot, the Chiroso variety is harvested by a select team of coffee pickers
with the final process in mind as each cherry is picked by ripeness. Final
verification/selection of cherries by ripeness takes place first before the process
begins, with the first stage being a 96-hour fermentation in sealed plastic containers,
complete with valves ensuring the absence of oxygen. At the end of the first
fermentation stage, the coffee is de-pulped and placed in new containers for a 72-hour
fermentation, after which the coffee is taken to a final washing to remove 70% of the
mucilage. Once washed, the water is drained and coffee left to “pre-dry” to ensure no
excess water is brought to the final drying. The coffee is finally sun-dried for 14 days
before being stored for 20 days to stabilize humidity and water activity.

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